Construction Materials

"Dry" screening of wet gravel with a high content of clay and dust

Installation of Kroosh screens in lines for screening crushed rock with a large viscous component can in most cases eliminate the use of water and obtain by "dry" method marketable 5-20 mm gravel purified of clay and dust.


Fractionation of rejects in non-metallic rock crushing

The use of multifrequency screens in quarries and stone crushing plants solves the problem of using wet rejects of rock crushing while marketable fractions of high-quality 1-5 mm gravel and sand are extracted.


Fine fractionation of silicate materials with a specified quality of separation

Due to the effective screening of silicates at narrow cut points of 40 to 600 µm, it is possible to expand the range of new marketable products for construction materials and glass production.


Purification of fine-dispersed binding ingredients and fillers in the manufacture of glass and dry construction mixtures

Kroosh apparatuses efficiently screen binding ingredients and fillers thereby improving the quality of the finished products.


Reclaiming of sand and clay dumps formed in road and construction works

Multifrequency screening technology is applied to extract pure 0-3 mm sand from wet rejects contaminated with clay, plant and rock inclusions.